We may have started out as a winery, however we have now evolved into a distillery and brewery. At The Grove Experience we deliver something very different. That’s why we call ourselves an Experience.

We distill spirits; Gin, Vodka, American Style Spirit (we’re not allowed to call it Bourbon), Absinthe, Grappola and we’re currently planning on a whole variety of brilliant spirits to please our growing client demand.

Our Nano brewery produces magnificent crafted ales and as one of the only distilleries in the South West we pride ourselves on our quality and unique recipes. You won’t believe what our expert distillers have created in the way of liqueurs and spirits.

But enough about us; what about you? You need to know more and the best way to do that is to sit at our new bar and enjoy The Grove Experience. The next best thing? – A tour of our organisation right here on the web.

So take a walk around our site and discover what can only be described as an experience.


Our Latest

It’s an art and a fine art at that. Distilling demands an understanding of taste and balance and our distillers are tuned to the tastes and demands of the consumer. It is this, which creates The Grove’s unique brand of excellence.
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